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Romance? Not now!
We could be romantic. Go for a walk and hold hands. Open a bottle of wine on the deck and talk. Snuggle up in front of the TV and watch a chick flick. All of it sounds good…on another day. Screw romance right now. We should fuck instead!
You can tell me that no one has ever made you feel like I have. It would be nice if you did, but I don’t require that from you now. What I do require is for you to take off your gorgeous dress, remove that sexy underwear and give me your naked body so I can ravage it with every part of my own.
You can say to me that I’m the only man you will ever need. That would be lovely to know, but it won’t change what I want at this moment. What I do want is for you to climb on that bed, get on all fours and shove your ass in the air with that dirty smirk on your face so I can bury my teeth into your tasty flesh.
You can whisper to me that I’m the love of your life. That would be wonderful to hear but that’s not needed this very second. What I do need is to know that you want me inside you. That you’re desperate for me to stretch you. That all you crave is my burning lips and firm hands on you. That you won’t be satisfied until we’re both struggling to breathe, covered in our sweat and lust.
So how about we make a deal then? Tonight will be all about romance. Anything you want to do, we will do. Anywhere you want to go, we will go. Anything you want, I will make it happen. But until then - we fuck.
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…“But until then - we fuck.” 😍

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